I love the methodology of the curriculum that you follow and the individual attention you provide to every child.

Pinakie Kansabanik
Father of Abraneel

Whatever activities, processes and techniques are used in the school are excellent. Weekly curriculum that is shared is great to know what’s going on and helps us giving the same learning. Best part is Kartik loves coming to school and enjoys here and admires all teachers, specially her class teacher.

Parul & RajatToshhniwal
Parents of Kartik

I like the cleanliness and calm/open environment of the school. Above all, I like the Principal Mam due to her goodness, open and responsive attitude every time. Thanks to you for welcoming every suggestion from us.

Father of Raghav

I liked transparency of school. Principal is very cooperative. She understands us. She listens to us. She is always ready to work on our queries. I liked methodology of school. I like that they send weekly curriculum. Teachers are also very friendly. I liked the orientation program.

Shweta Jain
Mother of Sanidhya

Appreciate the way kids are treated (like family). Approach of teaching kids, classroom – so colorful to grab their attention, Healthy and well planned meal, activities and so on.

Parul Singh
Mother of Adviti Parihar

• Excellent Facilities • Proper communication of all kinds • A lot of creativity and good learning environment • Kudos goes to the Principal, she is always responsive 24 X 7 • Infrastructure of school is also appealing

Irphan Ali
Father of Afiya

I like the teaching pattern. I also like the campus and since my child is in the daycare, I love the bedroom. It’s a children friendly campus even the toilets. The staff are also very friendly and supportive. Overall the best preschool in Greater Noida!!!

Ram & Rakhi Sharma
Parents of Ahaan Rudra

Flexibility you guy’s show in managing all request made to you are acknowledged and fulfilled. Thanks for being understanding and flexible.

Deepanker Ginti
Father of Arav

Methodology and environment of teaching. Openness of the sessions. I didn’t have such session in any of the previous schools I visited for my child.

Anuj Ayodhyawasi
Father of Amish Soni

• Identifying the “intelligence area” of the child. • Learn by doing. • Teaching the child self-discipline. • Open-ness

Vaibhav & Meenal Sharma
Parents of Divyansh

You deserve a thumsup for the way you treat our kids. They love to go to school, even on Saturdays and Sundays. Activities are fabulous. You are making us DANCE on your tunes! Ayesha makes us clap and sing every day. Your teaching methodology is great! Intuitive method caters to the curiosity and explorative nature of preschoolers. You get 3 stars ***.

Tasnim Zafer
Mother of Ayesha

I have always liked the vibrancy of the school infrastructure, the pop-out colour scheme of classrooms, cleanliness, and warmth of the support staff i.e. Caretakers and sincerity of the educators, Principal as well as the counsellor.

Anshul & Aditi Sharan
Parents of Daksh

Great vision, world class teaching tools and excellent facilitators. Way to go WHITE CANVAS! Keep on doing the excellent work.

Imran & Saba Zaidi
Parents of Ehan

Superb efforts put in by school. Special thanks to Principal Mam in applying her fruitful experience in shaping the children future in early stage.

Gaurav & Manu Varshney
Parents of Tosti

I liked how you treat children, yes its really tough but you do it very softly and smoothly. There were lots of things in my mind, how you treat the child and other activities but now this day I am happy to see all these things.

Nidhi Bhati
Mother of Aditya